Hartley Hall Markets, Making a difference for people with disability

Volunteer at the Hall Markets

The Hartley Hall Markets are supported by a wonderful group of volunteers who assist across the Markets each month. If you would be interested in helping us we are always grateful for an extra pair of hands.

If you are interested and can volunteer just once or a couple time a year, be assured you will be welcomed into the Hartley Hall Markets volunteer team with much enthusiasm.

A few words from Peter Bray, who has been volunteering at the Hartley Hall Markets for over 20 years; Peter sums up perfectly what volunteering with us is all about:

“The act of giving ones time and effort is viewed to be more precious than giving money. Activities undertaken are designed to add real human value to the mission of Hartley not otherwise possible. Activities at the Markets for volunteers normally involve a group that provides company for participants and thereby enhances friendships and sense of belonging.”


We are always welcoming of any extra help at the Markets

Volunteering roles at the Markets are many and varied:

  • Entrance – Gate collection gold coin donation
  • Cooking our amazing BBQ steak and sausage sandwiches
  • Canteen assistance
  • Car parking assistants
  • Office volunteers
  • Setting up and packing down
  • Rubbish collection
  • Rest room attendants

Volunteer now!

If you would like to help by volunteering with us at the Hartley Hall Markets please contact the Market Manager by: